Quietest Portable Generator Reviews for RVs



Are you planning to go for a long road trip, camping outdoors or do your perhaps live in a Recreational vehicle otherwise known as an RV? Then a worthwhile choice for you would be to procure one of the units that are available in the Quietest Portable Generator Reviews for RVs. This is because this unit comes with special design features such as optimized pistons and sound mufflers to ensure the generator emits the lowest possible sound at any given time. This provides you with the peace you need to complete your activities while never compromising on power.


Best generators for RVs


WEN 56180, 1500 Running Watts/ Gas Powered Portable Generator, CARB Compliant


Discover the excellence of the WEN 56180 Portable generator, which is a reliable power solution especially when you need it the most. With 1800 of surge watts and 1500 running watts, this generator will provide you with sufficient power to run your TV set, blender, and slow cooker as well. This generator is the ideal addition for your Portable power when using your recreational vehicle outdoors. Whether you need power during a power outage or perhaps simply a good solution for RV, this WEN 1800 Watt generator has got you covered. It also comes with special EPAIII and carb compliant drivers to deliver well over 98cc of power with an internal air cooling system to work to mitigate the effects of temperature.


WEN 56200i, 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts, 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant


Experience the superior quality of the WEN 56200I 1600 generator that comes with a four-stroke OHV engine that operates at the most silent of decibels at quarter load. In fact, this generator is more silent in operation that a window air conditioner or perhaps the conventional conversation. As a result, this works to mitigate the effects of the invasiveness of sound when camping outdoors or perhaps when camping. Additionally, it also comes with a versatile panel That comes with two three-prong receptacles and one 12 volt DC receptacle as well. Besides that, it also comes with parallel additional parallel connectivity options that allow users to connect more than two generators together to complete jobs that require more than 200watts. The compact design also makes the WEN 2000 watt inverter generator an excellent addition due to its convenient portability.


DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator


Release your genuine outdoor capabilities with the DuroStar DS4000S 3300 Running watts generator that is air cooled using a special OHV engine that has low oil shutoff. Besides that, it also comes with a heavy duty steel frame that has a four point and fully isolated motor mount for quiet and smooth operation. The full power panel along with the special engine shutoff switch and voltmeter are all mean to make powering your RV convenient. This Durostar DS4000S unit can provide well over 8 hours of run time sufficient for all night purposes. The inclusion of the super quiet muffler helps to ensure that your engine is operating at the most silent volume levels and is, therefore, a quiet solution for taking with you to the outdoors. This Durostar unit also has a 4-gallon capacity and has a compact weight of only 135 pounds.


Westinghouse WH5500 Gas Powered Portable Generator – 5500 Running Watts and 6750 Starting Watts


Improve the experiences that you have outdoors with the Westinghouse WH5500 Portable Generator that comes fully loaded with a broad spectrum of exceptional quality features to provide you with the ideal value for your money. Each component in the WH5500 Gas generator that has been carefully designed and manufactured to optimize the contribution to the reliability, performance and safety of the entire unit. The innovation you should expect from this state of the art unit is a clear depiction of the quality of Westinghouse products and the industry standards that they have set. This gas-powered generator also delivers well over 5,500 running watts of power and an excellent starting output while providing the owner with the features and benefits that are typically found on the high-end models


XtremepowerUS 1200 Watt 2-Stroke Portable Gasoline Gas Electric Power Generator


Safeguard your experiences outdoors with this Xtreme power US generator that comes with an exclusive overhead valve design to provide the ideal performance for your unique needs. Besides that, it also comes with a special cast iron cylinder with sleeves that allow for low oil consumption and forged pistons and connection rods for optimal strength levels. Starting the generator is also simple due to the special comfort grip that comes with a manual recoil handle and compression release mechanism as well. Besides that, this unit also comes with an efficient engine that provides well over 14 hours of runtime, to make it ideal for outdoor RV purposes.


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Helpful Tips for People New to RVs

Ready to load up the family and take a vacation or thinking about traveling the world with your partner? Every newbie needs some guidelines. Here are some tips that will have you prepared and ready to hit the road.

RV canyonlands


  1. Buying or Renting. Typically if you are thinking of buying or are just wanting to take a single trip, renting would be suitable. If you plan on traveling the world, living on the road, or taking multiple trips it is worth buying.


  1. Learn Your Rv. Whether you are renting or own your rig, getting to know the operations is vital. Being able to prevent or fix any issues that may arise by knowledge of how things work will save your hard earned money. Sometimes getting used to the breakers, plumbing, restroom issues can make all the difference when a situation arises.


  1. Practice Driving First. Being a beginner, it is safer to test the waters. Drive your rig down similar roads as to where you will be driving on your trip. This will make things more comfortable and stress free when you know what to expect. Everything is different from changing lanes, driving up or downhill, and even parking. To add people moving around in the living space while driving. Take those sharp turns until you feel safe. This will also let you fix any issues like drawers or cabinets popping open.


  1. Tools and Spare parts. Staying prepared is important. Having the tools needed to fix minor issues will be time and money saving for you in the long run. The best way to stay prepared would be to have a toolbox with different tools, nuts, bolts, hoses, wires, fuses, light bulbs, etc. There will be things that need to be fixed. Getting to know your rig will help you to know what is needed exactly. Waiting for parts to be shipped can be costly and time consuming. Don’t waste your precious time waiting on parts.


  1. Plan Plan Plan. Do not just jump in your rv and head out for the road. Be sure to plan out the major parts of your trip. Knowing where you are going, the roads that lead there, weather, traffic patterns, etc. Anything can happen at any time. Being prepared to handle any type of issues can be the only thing to save your family. Don’t plan every minute but, make sure to research before leaving out.

How to Pack Food for an RV Road Trip

Below are a few tips about cooking and food when you are traveling in an RV.


  1.  Stuff moves around a lot.


Ketan purchased and RV this is 30 feet in length which is actually doubled in size compared to a regular sized car. If there is anything in the cabinets inside the RV that has not been secured and actually has weight to hold it down those things may easily slide back and forth from one side of the Rv to the other. Which of course this could be very annoying to have to deal with knowing something could potentially fall and shatter or fly through the air and in turn cause a major distraction for someone who may be operating the RV. You want to make sure you have foods that can be eaten as is in some type of container or basket and not bags. Place those containers in a place where they are secured and will not be able to shift or move if you were to make a turn in the RV.


Bungee cords can be a live savior for this also. Take a basket filled with fruit for instance that we actually sat in the fridge and secured with a bungee cord around and hooking to the fridge shelves.


  1.  Lightweight tableware and tumblers are your friends.


Do not use dishes or items that can break if you can do so. Such as a glass you would drink from or even dishes that may be heavy and made of glass also, these are not particularly made for the RV lifestyle. Glasses can fall from cabinets and break or even slip out of someone’s hands if they have slick hands or greasy hands while they may be doing dishes. Having tumblers that are very light and not able to shatter are what you should use along with plastic dishes.


  1.  When it comes to food, think shelf-stable.


One of the most favorable traits of an RV is that if you are staying at an RV park or something for a night you can actually plug your RV into an electrical outlet for the night.


Whenever you plug your RV up like this your place will get really cold. However, if you travel a lot your fridge may risk becoming too warm and having the items in its ruin. It is advised since this can happen for you not to bring raw packaged meats or anything else that may ruin without the cold inside your fridge being present. Instead only bring as much as you will need that is perishable items like yogurt, eggs, or cheese in a smaller amount.


Some of our favorite provisions include:


Tuna in oil (canned)


Taco Shells

Peanut butter



Dry salami


Tomato sauce

Tube polenta

Olive oil







Graham crackers


Chocolates (for s’mores)


Smaller quantities of spices in small containers. I pack little jars with different spices such as salt and taco seasoning. Normally I would not use small packs of seasonings when I am home because I have my major spices there but when you are out on the RV taco seasoning is actually really good on tacos with tuna and beans. (don’t laugh at me okay? they are so good that way) with avocado and eggs.


If you have a lot of foods that need to stay cool that you do want to bring a large cooler with you and keep ice on hand and place the food items that are perishable from your RV fridge into the cooler.


  1. Avoid a few tricky foods.


We love pasta in my family but there is not an unlimited amount of gas so it may be very hard to boil water for noodles on your RV. Along with heating water on the RV stove, you will make the heat index rise inside your RC and risk having a warm area to sleep which could be an issue if it is already very warm that night outside. This is why we chose couscous, sauteeing polenta, and the taco choices that we did because we did not have to heat these. We did, however, have hard boiled eggs but as soon as the pan started to boil that I was using I turned off the stove burner inside the RV,’


We also stay away from cooking pancakes or big batches of anything because the kitchen space on the RV is so small and I am one who rather cooks as fast as I am able in such a small defined area so I can go outside and relax with my family and have fun.


  1. Leave room for local finds.


In Oregon, our favorite place to make a drive and visit is the file hood river fruit loop which is a place with many u-picks and orchard farms. Montavon’s berry was a place we visited which actually had room for our RV. Some places there are cramped quarters for an RV the size of ours. We were able to fill the buckets we had with an overabundance of blueberries and had a blast doing it. The owner weighed our berries, his name was Lee Montavon and when he told us the total price of all the berries we had picked was only two dollars and sixty cents we were so thrilled because anywhere else those exact same berries would have been at least ten times more that price, especially back home.


At the end of the day, it was a good thing we didn’t plan our meals ahead or our snacks, we’re actually very glad.