Bento lunch boxes are popular with those who like to have a variety of small items for lunch and are commonly used for kids’ school lunches. These lunch boxes aren’t just for children though, there are many sites devoted to options for bento lunch for adults. A Bento style lunch box has many small compartments for carrying several different items in one container. Some are even designed to hold liquid without spilling into the other compartments.

When purchasing a Bento lunch box, there are many adult friendly options to choose from. These come in stainless steel or neutral colors. The boxes designed for adults also tend to have a larger capacity to accommodate a bigger appetite. When buying a Bento box, be sure that it can be washed in the dishwasher if that is desirable. Also check to see if the box can be used in the microwave if you plan to use it to transport food that needs to be heated.

The ideas for Bento style lunches are endless. Sandwiches and salads can be deconstructed as a way of keeping food fresh until lunch time. Foods that require dipping sauces can be kept separate from the sauce to prevent sogginess and they’re also great for leftovers. If you run out of ideas for Bento style lunches, a simple online search will produce many results.

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